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At LG TV Prices we offer a guide to assist you with the purchase of a new LG LCD, Plasma, LED or 3D TV.
On this site you will find prices, basic specifications, picture galleries, videos and brief descriptions of ALL current LG TV models from 19inch to 60inch in screen size.

We compare LG TV Prices from over 30 reputable on line retailers. We scan the internet and update our prices on a regular basis throughout the day, to find the best deals and any discount codes applicable to LG LCD, Plasma or LED TVs. All the prices on this site include delivery and VAT.

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Below are some things you may like to consider to help you on your way.

All LG TVs on this site are High Definition they are either HD ready 720p (1280x720) or Full HD 1080p (1920x1080). These numbers refer to the amount of pixels to be illuminated in the screen to create the picture. More pixels produce more image detail making pictures, sharper and more lifelike.

The type TV to choose can depend on the definition of the TV or video signal you receive or wish to view.


HIGH DEFINITION 720p and 1080p

Analogue TV
DVD Players
Virgin +v HD
Freeview HD
Blu-Ray Players
HD Games Consoles


Refresh rate is the amount of frames displayed on the screen per second for example a 50Hz TV will display 50 frames on the screen per second, 100Hz will show 100 per second and so on. A faster refresh rate will reduce blurring or flicker when the images on the screen are moving quickly, so if you view a lot of sport like F1 or Football a faster refresh rate may suit you better then a slower one, LG picture smoothing technology TruMotion will reduce flicker to an acceptable standard for most people. LG TruMotion is found on LG LCD and LED TVs and comes in different speeds 100Hz 200Hz and 400Hz. All the LG plasma TV screens on this site have a 600Hz refresh rate they produce no visible picture flicker.


Contrast refers to the amount of colours that are displayed on the screen. Contrast ratio is a measurement taken from between the brightest colour (white) and the darkest colour (black) that a TV screen can produce a higher the ratio represents more colours on screen.


All LG TVs have a number of inputs on the back of the sets to cater for different purposes.

All LG TV Have

RF input this connects the TV to a roof aerial for receiving signals like Freeview and Freeview HD

SCART sockets they will connect standard definition sources like Video Recorders, sky and DVD players

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) are used for HD equipment like SKY+HD, Blu-Ray and HD Games Consoles the number of HDMI inputs can be important when choosing a TV if you have multiple HD inputs you may want to choose a set that has more HDMI inputs.

USB is a common interface used to connect computer equipment it is commonly found on PCs digital cameras memory sticks and dongles. They are usually used for connecting media formats like Mp3, DivX HD and Jpeg play to LG TVs in some cases the TV does not support these file formats for playback they may just be used for fault diagnostics and software upgrades.

VGA D Sub is a connector used for connecting as a computer screen (adaptor may be needed)


Screen size tends to be a personal preference and often depends on the space designated for a TV, most people desire a larger screen size however if you are sitting to close to a larger screen you may loose viewing definition.

Updated: 21st April 2013

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